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Nicholas and Sophia Herbert

Amazing, Gifted Kids Give the Gift of Life

Nicholas and Sophia Herbert

Five-year-old Sophia loved to dance and sing. Her 9-year-old brother, Nicholas, was an inventor, who enjoyed designing buildings, robots and machines. Even at such a young age, the siblings were not only recognized as very gifted children, but generous, giving children.

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Find Understanding, Compassion, and Support: The Center for Life Grief Support Group.

When experiencing a loss, we quickly realize that grief impacts every aspect of life. Grief support groups offer the opportunity to receive support and compassion from other individuals also grieving the loss of a loved one. The Center for Life Grief Support Group will provide grief education and support in a safe environment where group members support one another’s losses.

blackmon-millerThe group will meet Monday evenings from 7 to 8:30 p.m., for six week intervals at the MTS Center for Life. The group size is limited to 15 and no new members may be added after the six-week session starts.
Support group discussion topics include:

  • the difference between grief and mourning
  • the five domains of loss
  • feelings associated with grief
  • the six needs of mourning
  • reconciliation in grief.

 To participate in the Center for Life Grief Support Group, contact Merry Smith at 800-925-3666 or

Click here for upcoming dates for the Center for Life Grief  Support Group.