Requestor Resources

We believe that our hospital partners and designated requestors are extraordinary people that make a difference in the lives of many donor families.

rachel-frank-05-b8wGrateful Tissue Recipient, Rachel FrankAs part of the CMS regulations that became effective on August 21, 1998, all requests for organ and tissue donation must be made by an OPO-trained requestor (also known as a Designated Requestor). MTS provides our own Family Support Services staff members for organ donation requests. However, hospital staff, such as nurses, social workers, and pastoral care staff members, that may find themselves in a position to request for tissue donation, must be trained to do so. MTS frequently conducts our Designated Requestor training workshop, The Caring Question. For a list of workshop dates, please visit the program and events calendar on this site. If you would like to register for a workshop, please contact Julie Walton at the St. Louis MTS Office at (314) 735-8303.

If you are interested in becoming a Designated Requestor for your hospital, please contact your Donor Program Development (DPD) Specialist or visit the Ask Your Coordinator page of this section to determine who the DPD specialist for your hospital is and then pursue contact by phone or email.