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2013 Year End Hospital Activity Report

Download a printable copy to post in your hospital.2013 Year End Hospital Activity Report

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Nicholas and Sophia Herbert

Amazing, Gifted Kids Give the Gift of Life

Nicholas and Sophia Herbert

Five-year-old Sophia loved to dance and sing. Her 9-year-old brother, Nicholas, was an inventor, who enjoyed designing buildings, robots and machines. Even at such a young age, the siblings were not only recognized as very gifted children, but generous, giving children.

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Recognizing the Collaborative Work of Our Partners

2014 Activity Report through March

Number of donations
HospitalOrgan DonorsOrgan ConversionTissue ConsentBoneHeart ValveEyeSkin
Advanced Healthcare Medical Center00%0.00%0000
Alton Memorial Hospital00%50.00%6056
Anderson Hospital00%50.00%5058
Arkansas Methodist Medical Center00%71.43%1033
Barnes-Jewish Hospital889%54.55%2805433
Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital00%61.54%3085
Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital00%0.00%0000
Cardinal Glennon Childrens Medical Center1100%100.00%0000
Christian Hospital1100%62.50%71109
Citizens Memorial Healthcare00%100.00%0002
Community Memorial Hospital00%33.33%1000
Cox Medical Center Branson1100%71.43%3002
Cox Meyer Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Hospital00%0.00%0000
CoxHealth Systems - South3100%57.97%8319
Crossroads Community Hospital00%0.00%0000
DePaul Health Center240%55.56%511410
Des Peres Hospital00%75.00%1011
Fairfield Memorial Hospital00%0.00%0000
Ferrell Hospital00%0.00%0000
Franklin Hospital00%50.00%0000
Gateway Regional Medical Center00%66.67%5064
Good Samaritan Regional Health Center00%40.00%3032
Greenville Regional Hospital00%0.00%0000
Hamilton Memorial Hospital00%0.00%0000
Hannibal Regional Hospital00%0.00%0000
Hardin County General Hospital00%50.00%1011
Harrisburg Medical Center00%50.00%1011
Heartland Regional Medical Center00%77.78%3032
Hermann Area District Hospital00%0.00%0000
Herrin Hospital00%16.67%0000
Iron County Hospital00%0.00%0000
Jersey Community Hospital00%0.00%0000
Kindred Hospital00%20.00%1011
Kindred Hospital St. Louis at Mercy00%100.00%0010
Kindred Hospital/St. Anthonys00%0.00%0000
Landmark Hospital00%50.00%0000
Lawrence Memorial Hospital00%60.00%1011
Lincoln County Memorial Hospital00%100.00%0030
Madison Medical Center00%0.00%0000
Marion VA Medical Center00%0.00%0000
Marshall Browning Hospital00%0.00%0000
Massac Memorial Hospital00%0.00%0000
Memorial Hospital - Belleville00%52.63%85109
Memorial Hospital - Chester00%0.00%0000
Memorial Hospital of Carbondale00%50.00%2033
Mercy Hospital - Jefferson00%54.55%7017
Mercy Hospital - Lebanon00%80.00%0000
Mercy Hospital - Springfield2100%53.95%152222
Mercy Hospital - St. Francis00%0.00%0000
Mercy Hospital, St. Louis240%48.00%82128
Mercy Hospital, Washington00%83.33%4025
Mineral Area Regional Medical Center00%100.00%3173
Missouri Baptist Hospital-Sullivan00%60.00%0021
Missouri Baptist Medical Center1100%52.38%2064
Missouri Coroners00%80.00%3132
Missouri Delta Medical Center00%42.86%0000
NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital00%30.00%0001
Northwest Health Care00%40.00%1010
Nursing Home00%100.00%0000
Office of Greene County Medical Examiner00%100.00%0000
Office of the City Medical Examiner00%58.33%30113
Office of the Franklin, Jefferson, and St. Charles County ME00%65.71%41176
Office of the STL County Medical Examiner00%55.56%704915
Other Facility00%0.00%0000
Ozarks Community Hospital00%0.00%0000
Ozarks Medical Center00%28.57%0001
Parkland Health Center00%33.33%0000
Parkland Health Center-Bonne Terre00%66.67%1011
Pemiscot Memorial Health System00%0.00%0000
Perry County Memorial Hospital00%50.00%0011
Phelps County Regional Medical Center00%36.36%2002
Piggott Community Hospital00%0.00%0000
Pike County Memorial Hospital00%25.00%0001
Pinckneyville Community Hospital00%0.00%0000
Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center00%63.64%511112
Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center South00%100.00%0000
Progress West Hospital00%100.00%0000
Red Bud Regional Hospital00%0.00%0000
Saint Francis Medical Center150%33.33%4066
Saint Louis University Hospital375%51.22%70158
Salem Memorial District Hospital00%50.00%1001
Salem Township Hospital00%50.00%1000
Scotland County Hospital00%100.00%1101
Select Specialty Hospital of Springfield00%40.00%2001
Select Specialty Hospital of St. Louis00%0.00%0000
Southeast Health Center of Ripley County00%0.00%0000
Southeast Health Center of Stoddard County00%25.00%1001
Sparta Community Hospital00%0.00%0000
SSM Rehabilitation Hospital00%0.00%0000
St. Alexius - Broadway Campus00%83.33%1022
St. Anthonys Health Center - Alton00%40.00%1013
St. Anthonys Medical Center2100%59.18%831912
St. Bernards Medical Center1100%32.35%70107
St. Clare Health Center00%41.18%3065
St. Elizabeths Hospital150%55.00%3051
St. Joseph Hospital West1100%61.11%5075
St. Josephs Health Center - St. Charles1100%57.89%5076
St. Josephs Hospital - Breese00%75.00%1122
St. Josephs Hospital - Highland00%100.00%0010
St. Josephs Memorial Hospital00%0.00%0000
St. Louis Childrens Hospital00%10.00%1010
St. Louis VA Medical Center 00%75.00%1022
St. Luke's Rehabilitation Hospital00%0.00%0000
St. Lukes Hospital00%71.43%50128
St. Marys Good Samaritan - Centralia00%50.00%0000
St. Marys Health Center00%60.00%3066
Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital00%0.00%0000
Texas County Memorial Hospital00%40.00%1001
Touchette Regional Hospital00%38.46%4043
Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center00%33.33%0000
Union County Hospital District00%66.67%1011
Veterans Affairs Medical Center-Jefferson Barracks00%0.00%0000
Wabash General Hospital00%50.00%0000
Washington County Hospital - Nashville00%100.00%0011
Washington County Memorial Hospital00%50.00%0012
Grand Total3174%53.05%22723372295

*Eye information from Heartland Lion's Eye Banks is not provided in this report.