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Organ Donation Toolbox

Organ Donation Toolbox

Click here for AOPO’s Organ Donation Toolbox, a list of donor management and organ availability resources for donor hospitals and OPOs.

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Resources for Medical Professionals
As a Medical Professional, you are in a very important and unique position. In one moment, you are doing your best to save the life of your patient and in the next you may be helping a family member through the process of deciding to donate the organs and tissues of that same patient. You are also in the position of making a difference in helping to end the wait for someone who can benefit from a transplant.

The decision to share life is a beautiful gift and truly appreciated by our community and the many recipients who benefit from the gift of donation. We hope this section of our web site will provide you with useful tools and resources to help families realize their donation decision, and ultimately help those who are in need of a transplant.  If you have any content suggestions or additional resources you would like to see here, please e-mail us your request.